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- Suitable for data logging from all types of devices 
  which uses MODBUS RTU/ASCII protocols.
- Channels can be defined from Unlimited Serial ports 
- Software starts automatically after Computer turns on. 
  Only one time configuration.
- Enables graphic visualisation for very fast processes.
  Possible to log data for every 50ms. 
- Every channel has its own graphical screen. 
  Channels can be displayed in the same graphical
  screen when necessary. 
- Channels are grouped in the main screen 
  according to their group names.
- Data logging in Excel, XML, HTML formats
- Graphics saved in JPEG, PNG, GIF, PCX, VML, 
   PostScript and PDF formats.
- Enables graphic visualisation in a ms resolution,
  2-Dimension or 3-Dimension, colourful or black-white.



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