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    When the level of cleaning liquid in an industrial washer is to be continuously monitored it is important that the sensor used must be resistant to the aggressive cleaning liquids.

    Geri dönüşüm
    The efector GWR level sensor is ideal (order no. LR7000). It uses the principle of guided wave radar. Advantage: The probe is made of stainless steel and, so, resistant to the influence of aggressive media.

    Müşteriye sağladığı yararlar
    By means of this low-cost level sensor a maintenance-free, reliable monitoring of the cleaning liquid could be implemented. This increases plant uptime.




    The level in a hydraulic power pack must be continuously monitored. If for example a loss of oil occurs due to leakage, the system must be stopped before damage or production interruption occurs.

    Geri dönüşüm
    Level sensors of the LK1 series with integrated overflow protection and two freely programmable switching outputs monitor the level in the power pack. They moreover enable a simple supply and drain control.

    Müşteriye sağladığı yararlar
    The tried-and-tested level sensors ensure the high uptime of the hydraulic power pack.


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