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  • Pnömatik için AS-i arayüzlü AirBox
    Pneumatically actuated gate valves serve as shut-off devices in the piping system of a sludge circulation system. The constantly advancing degree of automation and complexity in treatment processes calls for transparent and user-friendly plant technology. This includes remote-controlled pneumatic gate valves and their feedback to the system.

    Geri dönüşüm
    The intelligent wiring system AS-i, with its diverse field modules, is a good choice in this application. Due to the standardised connection technology of AS-i and its easy handling, it can be implemented without additional equipment. The AirBox (order no. AC5270) with a 5/3-way slide valve decentrally assumes the tasks of the valve island. Inductive sensors of the IGT200 series provide information about the end positions of the gate valves.

    Müşteriye sağladığı yararlar
    Due to the profiled AS-i cable and standardised lower parts, wiring faults can be virtually excluded. Minimisation of piping and wiring complexity as well as decentralisation of the plant by means of AS-i reduce the installation costs by up to 30 per cent. The easy handling when replacing components and the high diagnostic capabilities reduce maintenance costs.





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