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    At the end of the production chain ice-cream cones coming from below are brought into horizontal position by 12 vacuum grippers. If the ice-cream or the cone are defective, the vacuum gripper cannot lift the ice-cream. The ice-cream falls into a collecting pan. A sensor must detect this to prevent that an empty film packaging gets into the further packaging process.

    Geri dönüşüm
    So far, photoelectric sensors used to be installed which could only be positioned underneath the vacuum grippers. Constantly falling cones or pieces of ice-cream caused soiling of the sensors which in turn led to a failure. The efector pmd optical distance sensor from ifm now installed detects the ice-cream cone from a safe distance.

    Müşteriye sağladığı yararlar
    Due to the long range of efector pmd it could be mounted in a position from where it looks at the ice-cream from the front. Advantage: No crumbs can fall on the sensors and interfere. The sensor also detects if all the ice-cream falls down from the vacuum gripper. Dark surfaces such as a chocolate coating are also reliably detected even against a very shiny stainless steel background. Furthermore "zero fault production" without a waste of resources (film packaging) is achieved. So this investment has paid off after already a very short time.




    As a by-product of machining workpieces, cutting machine tools produce a significant amount of swarf for which there is no use. But given that the swarf fills such a large volume, it is necessary to permanently discharge it into a swarf hopper because they would otherwise disrupt the production of further workpieces. The level in this swarf hopper needs to be permanently monitored.

    Geri dönüşüm
    As the edges of the swarf are very sharp an optical solution was chosen here, to stay out of contact with the swarf. Using the optical distance sensor O1D100, the level is

    detected from above. When the maximum level is reached, the sensor provides a signal for emptying of the swarf hopper.

    Müşteriye sağladığı yararlar
    Production of the workpieces in the machine tools is not interrupted unnecessarily as the emptying of the swarf hoppers is automated. This means an increase in productivity.


    A roller conveyor transports toothed wheels to a processing station. There, a gripper lifts the workpieces into the machine tool. Important: The gripper must not move before the workpiece has come to the correct position.

    Geri dönüşüm
    The optical distance sensor efector pmd (order no. O1D100) detects the position of the workpiece to the nearest millimetre. The gripper is activated when the toothed wheel has been precisely positioned.

    Müşteriye sağladığı yararlar
    This solution is inexpensive, reliable and flexible. Because simple parameter setting of the sensor enables the reliable detection of different workpieces without design changes to the system.



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