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    Valve manifolds offer a number of filling and emptying routes without having to open pipes or manually recoupling panels. Since there are frequent cleaning processes with temperature shocks and aggressive cleaning agents in these areas, the requirements on the sensors used are therefore high.

    Geri dönüşüm
    The new full-metal inductive sensors of the ifm T-series provide an optimum solution for the application with their full-metal housing made of high-grade stainless steel (316S12).

    Müşteriye sağladığı yararlar
    Due to their housing concept and their high protection IP 69K the robust sensors ensure an extremely long life and thus reliable operation of the plant. The sensors for use up to 100 °C undergo frequent cleaning operations, temperature shocks and feature high resistance to cleaning agents. Both the threaded body and the sensing face of the housing are made of stainless steel.


    Inductive sensors are to detect the position of a swing bend on a distribution plate.

    Geri dönüşüm
    The efector m sensors of the type IGT241 replace the existing proximity switches.

    Müşteriye sağladığı yararlar
    With its 90 mm long housing (thread length 70 mm), IGT241 has been specially developed for this application as conventional sensors with a thread length of 50 mm are too short. Due to the use of adapted materials (high-grade stainless steel housing and fixing nuts, gold-plated contacts) and the certified resistance to cleaning agents which are common on the market (Ecolab certificate), this sensor is ideally suited for the cleaning processes which frequently occur in this area.


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