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    For security reasons, the maximum permissible angles of rotation on the different axes of an industrial robot are monitored. So far, roller level switches have been used in conjunction with switching cams. Disadvantage: The mechanics are subject to wear and often have to be readjusted in a complicated way. The task was a low-cost retrofitting to electronic sensors, possibly as a complete set in modular design.

    Geri dönüşüm
    Fail-safe inductive sensors of the types GG505S and GG507S were used, connected to the existing PILZ controller. Position detection of the switching cams is carried out without contact. One sensor replaces two roller lever switches. A total of four axes is monitored in this way.

    Müşteriye sağladığı yararlar
    The solution has proved its worth: Due to the elimination of mechanical components the position detection is now wear-free. Readjustment is no longer necessary, which leads to an increase in plant uptime. Retrofitting with the sets was quick and easy. The solution can be flexibly extended as the application changes.

    A typical application in the food industry is the reliable monitoring of manways. The purpose is to protect the maintenance staff against injuries caused by moving machine and plant parts.

    Geri dönüşüm
    Fail-safe inductive sensors of category 4 and SIL3 directly detect the stainless steel cover (manway) without contact. A special counterpart is not necessary.

    Müşteriye sağladığı yararlar
    A special counterpart such as a magnet or coded target is no longer necessary for the function of the fail-safe sensor. The fail-safe inductive sensor directly detects metals such as high-grade stainless steel or mild steel, i.e. materials that are used on the machine anyway.


    The task here is to monitor high speed doors with a safety switch. To avoid unnecessary loss of time, the safety switch should enable the next step before the door reaches the end stop.

    Geri dönüşüm
    Instead of a mechanical safety switch, an electronic fail-safe sensor type GM701S is used here. Advantage: it does not need a special coded target for a reliable switching. Using a longer target the safe state is detected well before reaching the end position. The subsequent clamping processes are already started when shutting the gate.

    Müşteriye sağladığı yararlar
    By means of a simple design feature the process cycle time was reduced by three seconds - while maintaining the degree of safety. This means a greater productivity in terms of quantities as compared to the old detection system that uses mechanical safety switches.



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